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Our standard name plates allow you to have up to 4 lines of custom tag information! 1″ Carnival Color Dog Collar with Brass Name Plate $ 10.99. Select options. 1″ Hunting Blaze Orange Camo Nylon Dog Collar with Brass Name Plate $ 12.99. Select options.

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Galls Standard Nameplate 2 Line Product Specs 2 Line Nameplate 2 1/2" Length, 5/8" Height Available in pin, clutch, or magnetic back (see photos …

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IEEE® Standard No. 100-2000 Primary unit substations are used to ... o Diagram instruction nameplate with warning nameplate p De-energized tap changer with padlock provisions ... Center Line W P W 1 W W 1 W S Front a a Design Guide …

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Example nameplate. The nameplate for a two-pole 15 kW motor may have the following important data:. Data #1. The motor has three phases and is for a mains supply with a frequency of 50 Hz.. Data #2. The rated output of the motor is 15 kW, i.e. the motor is able to supply a shaft output of at least 15 kW if connected to the mains supply as indicated. The …


seatle city light standard number: 7217.5 lf page of pages: 1 of 1 material standard i date: sept. 2, 1959 porcelain enamel nameplates rev: june 29, 1990 b- 18"pj t ; i----- 18"--1 3 -yseattl~ light l line disc ' i:: l bus 2 . 0 * l t etail c 1 ii petall. 0 detail 6 detail f oetail g detail h 1 ' ii detail [ typical mounting color description ...

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Nameplate Data for Different Equipment Types Motors: The National Electric Code requires that motor nameplates include the following information in addition to the manufacturerʼs name and address: Rated voltage(s) Rated full-load amperage at each voltage level (FLA) Frequency – typically 60 or 50hz Phase – Single or three phase Door Name Plates

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The gold standard in fly reels. Since it's introduction in 1995, Ted Juracsik's Tibor Reels has become a favorite of discerning fly fisherman. Innovations like a large arbor spool significantly increase the rate of line and retrieval and give fly fishermen a greater control of reel-smoking species like Bonefish, Permit, Wahoo and Tuna.

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The first letter (U) is the line voltage and the second letter (W) is the phase voltage (line to neutral). Clearly, U=√3 W. Examples include 208Y/ 120 and 480Y/277. Transformer Rated Frequency. The rated frequency will also be indicated on …

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What is the expected starting line current for the motor of figure 1 when operating from a line to line voltage of 460 V? Solution. From the nameplate, the NEMA code letter is G. From Table 2.For code G the expected locked rotor kVA is 5.6 to 6.29 kVA/HP. assuming the worst case, the locked-rotor (starting) apparent power can be calculated:

Lesson 11: Transformer Name Plate Data and Connections

3/2/2018 1 LESSON 11: TRANSFORMER NAME PLATE DATA AND CONNECTIONS ET 332b Ac Motors, Generators and Power Systems 1 Lesson 11_et332b.pptx LEARNING OBJECTIVES After this presentation you will be able to: Identify transformer polarity using dot and conventional labeling. Explain and interpret information found on transformer name plates.

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Galls Standard Nameplate 1 Line 2 1/2" x 3/8" Every public servant knows their name is associated with respect and honor. Proudly add a stylish touch to your uniform with the Galls Standard Nameplate (1 Line 2 1/2" x 3/8"). Just like a badge, no uniform is complete without the proper nameplate.

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Abnormal Condition Class I, Division 2 Zone 2 Grade of Release Zone Flammable Mixture Present Continuous 0 1000 hours per year or more (10%) Primary 1 Between 10 and 1000 hours per year or more (0.1% to 10%) Secondary 2 Less than 10 hours per year (0.01% to 0.1%) Unclassified - Less than 1 hour per year (Less than 0.01%)


Note 2: Due to the trend toward lower impedance transformers for better voltage regulation, the actual transformer impedances may deviate from the NEMA Standard given at left. Therefore, for actual values, obtain nameplate impedance from owner or manufacturer. The percent X and percent R values are desirable for calculation.

Understanding Motor Nameplate Information NEMA v/s …

The motor standards can be grouped into two major categories: NEMA and IEC (and its derivatives). In North America, the National Electric Manufacturers Association (NEMA) sets motor standards, including what should go on the nameplate (NEMA Standard MG 1-10.40 "Nameplate Marking for Medium Single-Phase and Polyphase Induction Motors").

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Special variations are only available to the O.E.M. in production quantities. Special foot switches are made to the O.E.M.'s specifications, and orders for specials are accepted on a direct basis only. Any modification to a standard catalog item, however slight, i.e. minus the nameplate, would be considered a special.

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2" x 8" Wall Name Plate Only - Square Corners Our most common size of wall name plate. One or two lines of engraving 2" x 10" Wall Name Plate Only - Square Corners A larger laser engraved wall nameplate for longer names and/or titles 2" x 12" Wall Name Plate Only - Square Corners Our largest engraved wall nameplate. Fits 2x12 metal

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All nameplates are 4" tall x 12" long. Letter size for each nameplate is the standard 3" as used in the pros. Please call us if you need an extended length nameplate. Please allow 7-10 business days for your nameplate to be completed. **There are no returns allowed on custom nameplates, sorry. It is custom work**


TRANSFORMER NAMEPLATE (GENERAL REQUIREMENTS). Following are he minimum information and Data which to be shown on a transformer nameplate.The standards require the following information and data for transformers rated above 500 kVA (Suppose 1000kVA = 1MVA. • Name of manufacturer • Serial number • year of manufacture • Number of phases • kVA or …

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Any Size: from 1/2" x 1" to 3" x 8" max. (increments of 1/8") Prices include up to 3 lines of engraving. Our Custom Size Name Plates allow for an optimum numer of letters per line. Please see below list for approximate number of letters per line based on the width of the a plate. 1" 10-15 letters. 2" 15-20 letters. 3" 20-30 letters.

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Page <2> 09/03/18 V1.0 Direct-On-Line (DOL) Motor Starter (3) Wiring of DOL devices for 230V single phase with 230V coil Wiring of additional start stop devices on DOL devices for 400V 3 phase with 230V coil Additional start and stop stations can be wired to the DOL control circuit. In principle, the start buttons should

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4651 02 or to CSA Standard C22.2 No. 5, CSA listed under Class No. 4652 06 Major Revisions: ... Required Electrical Nameplate Ratings ... Heating (see checklist CPC-6) Line isolator monitors (CSA-C22.2 No. 204) Panels with barriers for IS circuits (see checklist CPC-7) Panel boards and Custom Panel boards (CSA-C22.2 ...

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next. For example, the lowest point on the full load amp line does not always occur at 2-1/2% above rated voltage. On many motors it might occur at a point 2% to 3% below the rated voltage. Also the rise in full load amps at voltages above the rated, tends to be much steeper for some motor winding designs than others. LOW VOLTAGE*

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Nameplate Size Specifications The space between lines of text will be 50% of the character height (i.e. Two 1/2" text lines will have a 1/4" space between them). Available character heights: Copy to Fit, 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1". Other sizes are also available, please contact Customer Service for assistance if you need something different.

STANDARD DETAILS OF SEWER CONSTRUCTION the event of solid rock removal for main line or lateral installation, 12" of 3/4" clean rock is required both below and above the pipe. 3.all street crossings, driveways, and parking lots shall have 12" of 3/4" clean rock under the pipe. the trench shall then be filled to grade with 3/4" clean rock.

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satisfactorily. The equipment nameplates vary in which voltage is used as "Rated Voltage". For low voltage power circuit breakers and the metal-clad switchgear the voltage rating is the maximum system voltage as required by ANSI C37.12 and C37.20.2. For insulated case circuit breakers and molded case